For Children Under 3

We believe that music education should begin early in life. Studies show that music connects the two hemispheres of the brain, and is crucial to the development of a child. At UpBeat, Early Childhood Music Education is our passion. We hope that your child will join us for a class.

Please note that parents or caregivers must attend classes with their child.

Kangaroo Chorus

Kangaroo Chorus is designed for children under 6 months in age. Congratulations on the birth of your new child! While this is an exciting time some parents find the postpartum period to be challenging as they adjust to feeding, caring for and stimulating their baby. Join us for Kangaroo Chorus, a once weekly parent and baby music immersion class that focuses on parent socialization, baby wearing skills and infant music. We will strengthen baby's core muscles, promote large motor skill development and engage in sensory stimulation.

Call to join this class- 989-492-2213

Baby Beats

Baby Beats is an infant music class for ages 6-18 months (or very active runners) focused on large motor skill development. This music immersion class helps children develop communication, expression and is a great bonding opportunity for child and caregiver. Caregivers are required to attend this class.

Toddler Tempos

Toddler Tempos is designed to help your movers and groovers experience the music! For children ages 18 months (or active runners) - 3 years, this large and fine motor skill enhancing class helps develop listening skills, classroom behavior, rhythm and pitch awareness. Enjoy some wiggle time with your favorite toddler. Caregivers are required to attend this class.

Toddler Tunes

Toddler Tunes is for our Toddler Tempo graduates who are ready to begin their piano prepatory experience but aren't quite ready to graduate to 45 minute classes. We will continue to experience the music and use classroom instruments just like in Toddler Tempos, but we will begin layering information to help them transition smoothly to Music in Me. This is for students 2.5 to 3.5 who have already completed a session of Toddler Tempos.