UpBeat 2021

Owning a small business is much like having another child. You get excited to watch it grow! You love the milestones! You nurture and pour your heart and soul into it specifically to see these great dreams you have for it come to fruition. When we opened in 2017 our goals were small, and they grew and grew until the Winter semester of 2020 when we had our largest enrollment to date. We were overjoyed to reach almost 300 children a week through music! Our building felt alive, like this excited hum radiated from the walls. Then, we all know what happened in 2020, and it is just so easy to get lost in the heartache, despair and struggle that we as a community have so far endured. However, when we look back on these letters throughout the years, the joy of music always rings through whatever struggles we may face- after all, there is no “easy” early year as a business owner.  


After reflection, our goals for 2020 were simple- we wanted the business simply to “stay afloat”, our teachers to be taken care of, and for our family and staff to stay healthy. That was it. And even those “simple” goals carried a heavy weight on our hearts. We are proud to say that to date, none of our staff, or our families have contracted the virus, and not only did our business manage to keep our doors open, but there was still joy! We adapted to each challenge we were given and we managed to grow as teachers, friends and community in this challenging garden that we found ourselves planted in.


The ability to thrive among the weeds is what brought us to our theme for this Spring 2021 semester. While we may not find ourselves out of this challenging environment, we will continue to grow in all ways and we promise to nurture our students to grow and find the light in the dark. 


We want to thank our community for their continued support through all challenges. We feel your love and support and will continue to strive to be the best music school in our area, and will stay the path that we have established for health and safety. 


In continuation of our Fall 2020 procedures, we will be offering both group and private lessons in face to face and virtual settings. We will be open when it safe to be open, and we will transition to virtual classes whenever it is not. We will continue to offer prerecorded materials for those who want to make their own schedules in their music education, and we will maintain our dedication to the accessibility of music by offering payment plans and partial scholarships for those who need the assistance during this difficult time. 

The Spring 2021 Semester Classes will begin Monday, February 8 and will go through June 10.

There will be no lessons on March 29 - April 2 or on May 31. 

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