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A Day at the Beach

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Story Time

“When a Dragon Moves In” by Jodi Moore

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Music Time

Miss Cora will lead a sunshine, sand and beachy music time! Our activity page for the week is to practice tracing beach items that are circles. Ideally, we would love for students to also say “Great Big Whole Note” while doing their activity page. Want to do more? Flip the page over and draw circles using a highlighter or yellow marker and have your child trace them.

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Board Time

As we take our musical adventure to the beach we will be focusing on the rhythm “Great Big Whole Note”, more commonly known as a “whole note”. We will teach the “Great Big Whole Note” phrase to help students understand that the whole note is four beats long in common time. Students are encouraged to clap and chant “Great Big Whole Note” while moving their arms in a great big circle. This physical movement will tie directly to the notation for a whole note, which is simply a circle.

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Story time

“If You Ever Want to Bring a Piano to the Beach, DON’T!” By Elise Parsley

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Music Essentials

This video is our music essentials and includes lots of important songs for your important kid! This will be posted weekly, so keep watching it to solidify these skills.

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Craft Time

Craft kit number one includes everything you need to make a flower lei necklace with your little one. Encourage students to do their best threading the strings through the flowers and straws themselves. This may be easier if you have access to a yarn needle, but can be done without one. Additional stickers or markers to decorate the flowers could make this activity even more fun! Take a picture and send it to to get a video message from Miss Cora or Miss Emma.

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