About UpBeat Music Academy

Founded in 2017, UpBeat Music Academy is the result of two sisters (Cora, your magical teacher extraordinaire, and me, Emma, your guide) deciding that the world needed more safe places, more music, more joy, and more family. What originally started as an idea to rent a room at the library one day a week has gotten a little out of hand... after going round in circles about where we were going to fulfill our dream, the family finally settled on a storefront in the middle of Midland, Michigan in desperate need of renovations. Oh, we were so naive!  Originally our plan included one large classroom, an office for Cora to teach Flute in and a lobby/office combo for myself. Now, less than two years later, the school has grown and expanded to almost 4000 square feet of freshly renovated and equipped musical magic. UpBeat now houses four brand new classrooms and six private lesson rooms that span three previously separate buildings!

So, what makes this crazy adventure so special? Family. We are a family business devoted to creating a family friendly and centered facility. We offer classes from birth up to adult as well as private lessons under one "UpBeat Umbrella." We are unlike many music facility where the teachers all operate separately and rent rooms that they manage on their own. At UpBeat, all of our teachers work as a cooperative underneath Cora and myself, which allows us to find the best fit for every student, share our skills and help UpBeat become the best music facility we can. As parents, this benefits you because everything you do at UpBeat goes through only one person, and that's me! We have the ability to book multiple children at once in different activities as well as pair them with curriculums and teachers that genuinely love children and music.

Using the exclusive Harmony Road curriculum, our group piano classes are the only of their kind in the state of Michigan! Children learn piano and music theory beginning at 3.5 and develop into amazing, well rounded musicians that can easily participate in other music ensembles and classes. We also offer music immersion for children under 3, as well as group Guitar, Ukulele, Percussion and Voice lessons. Band and orchestra students can also find a home here by taking private lessons with our amazing team of educated and trained teachers.

All of this and more is why in two years we have grown to over 300 students and 15 of the best music educators in the Mid-Michigan area. Call us today to see how I can help organize your family's music education.

Founded by Family


As sisters and best friends, Cora and Emma grew up in the Chicago suburbs. Surrounded by a love of music and the arts, a seed was planted. Now as mothers themselves, they strive to provide children with the experiences they were lucky enough to have.

Cora Lambert


With over 15 years of teaching and professional music experience, Cora is an early childhood music specialist. As a graduate of the world renowned Interlochen Arts Academy and equipped with a BM from Michigan State University, Cora is passionate about music being a vital part of every child's education.

Cora is a mother of four, married to her college sweetheart and has three cats, Sookie, Albus and Ginny, and a fluffy bunny named Prince Sheldor the Conqueror.

Emma Wagner


With over 10 years of business management experience, Emma is your first stop at UpBeat. Emma handles all scheduling, payments and sticker giving at the desk. As a mother of three and an advocate of all arts, you will often find Emma belting out show tunes with her five year old while chasing her dinosaur three year old and while her one year old looks on like, "what the heck are they doing?"

Emma is dedicated to making your time at UpBeat as easy and stress free as possible. As she always says, "I'm here to help!"

Our Staff

Katrina Goodwill

Private Instructor

Lindsay Walker

Group & Private Instructor

Cora Lambert

Group & Private Instructor

Abigail Mullis

Private Instructor

Roger Stevens

Private Instructor

Nicole Rausch

Group Instructor

Kathy Stahlbush

Private Instructor

Matthew Ogg

Group & Private Instructor

Chantelle Frazier

Private Instructor

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